Welcome to the Office

We are excited to share that SME continues to thrive and expand its operations, and thanks to that we are able to announce the opening of our new office space. To have opened a physical office is essential for the smooth operation of the company. It not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also supports a positive working culture, where the new colleagues we welcomed can work together. 

Choosing the right location for your office space is crucial. Our office is located in Budapest on Soroksári street. It is easily accessible with  public transportation and is fairly close to the city center. Considering the size of the team and the growth potential of our company was a crucial aspect  when determining the layout.  The design encourages collaboration and communication among employees, while the individual workstations provide privacy for focused tasks. The office consists of 3 spaces, which provide desks for 4 employees, and a kitchen area as well, where colleagues can have a chat and keep their caffeine levels to an optimal measure. 

SME  digitalizes most of its business, but we still handle considerable amounts of documents, and supplies on a daily basis. Storage and organization systems are important for maintaining a clutter-free and efficient office space. Therefore we installed shelving units, filing cabinets, and dedicated storage areas for easy access and retrieval of documents. This attention to organization will save valuable time and prevent unnecessary errors, delays or conflicts between employees.

Our operations often involve long hours of desk work, so providing comfortable workstations is crucial for employee well-being and productivity. We invested in adjustable chairs, ergonomic desks, and thanks to the wide windows there is loads of light to ensure a comfortable and healthy work environment.

Since we are a small team, our meetings happen in the big office, where we can project presentations and agendas on the screen. Sitting together and discussing improves problem-solving, and effective decision-making. Most of our work is cloud-based, and once in a while the team members take advantage of working from home. 

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important aspect of business operations, incorporating green initiatives into the office space, like collecting waste selectively is a must. We use energy-efficient lighting, and encourage employees to adopt environmentally friendly practices, such as reducing paper usage and being mindful about energy consumption.


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