Transport by road

Global trade and transporting goods is one of the main driving forces of the economy. It has become an almost imperceptible part of our everyday lives. You might not even be aware, but global transportation affects your life profoundly. Just take a closer look at your own plate, and identify at least 1 or 2 ingredients that came from lands far away. Trade and transport opens up the opportunity to be introduced to new  cultures, try new cuisines and have the best quality from any type of article. No matter what type of product you are dealing with, taking it to the international market expands your potential client base and raises your opportunities for success. 

Transport first took off and started developing in ancient times. The Romans were the first to create complete road networks, making it easier to move during military expeditions.The road network made transport easier, which was a key factor during a military operation, as it speeded up the supply to the army. In the 19th century, thanks to the industrial revolution (e.g. steam engines, diesel engines) transportation started to develop rapidly. 

Road transport is one of the most reliable and fastest forms of transport, especially for domestic traffic. According to the latest data in 2020, road freight transport accounted for 77.4 % of the total inland freight transport and road transport is the leading mode of transport at intra-EU level (54.7 %) as well. From 2020 to 2021 European road freight transport rose by 6.5 %, driven by strong increases in all types of operations. Wheels are still turning, goods are still rolling. 

But why would you trust your goods in the hands of one truck driver, when the chances for accidents are much higher than, for example, by rail or air transport? The main advantage of sending your products on the road is that the goods are transported directly from the consignor to the customer without transhipment, which minimizes the risk of damage or your products getting lost for example. 

An increasing number of transport companies have entered the market in the past years, thanks to the appearance of online trade. You can find carriers for almost any type of article, let it be furniture moving services, international mail system or parcel delivery. 




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