Logistics behind logistics – How does SME work?


Get to know how SME works behind the scenes. Knowing that global supply chains come with increased complexities sometimes it can be difficult to know whom to trust on the market. Here we present you a few straightforward steps on how SME is going to handle your order. 

What is SME?

SME is a forwarder company, which operates with subcontractors. Freighting is the organization of cargo transport, it is an intellectual activity. In this case, the forwarder, through its extensive network of partners, selects the cheapest, safest and fastest route and means of transport to move the goods. They will take care of all the paperwork, ensure that the correct documents are in order and possibly organize customs clearance if it is necessary. This spares the clients from a lot of stress and work, while ensuring that the shipment is in safe hands. 

How does the ordering process go?

This is the easiest part of the story. The clients reach out to us and describe their specific needs for their requested delivery. Evaluating the order’s urgency, the type of goods and the possible transportation ways, SME is going to propose several options  for  the client to choose from. Based on different needs and requests the client will receive a price quotation. 

How can I follow my order?

At SME we are committed to open and reliable communication. You are informed well in advance about pick-up and drop-off details and you can reach us by phone any time. We will make sure that you are always updated about changes, delays and you can contact customer service quickly and easily. Sounds easy? It is with us.


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