Interview with Daniel Benke, founder and CEO of SME-Europe Kft.

SME- Europe is a rapidly expanding international logistics company based in Hungary. It was founded in 2019 by Daniel Benke, and ever since, they provide comprehensive logistics services all over the world. Their solutions are flexible, high quality and reliable to meet the needs of both small firms or multinational corporate clients, and to help shippers navigate their global operations. Are you interested in how it all started? Read this short article based on an interview with Daniel.

What is the story behind SME?

Daniel always knew he wanted to start his own business. His journey started with studying economics at university, and after his studies he built a strong foundation with gaining professional experience in areas such as quality management, logistics coordination, packaging and quality control. He always kept an open mind and looked for opportunities to grow and to build his network. After several years of practice and involvement he launched his own transport company in 2019. 

What does the company do?

SME’s services range from small parcels to oversized products, delivered to the desired destination anywhere in the world by land, sea or up in the air. Throughout the journey of goods, whether domestic or intercontinental they make sure to handle the task with the utmost expertise. SME also offers possibilities for a suitable place to store your goods. They offer solutions for short or long term storage, through their network of partners, both nationally and all over Europe. Want to transport a mobile house for example? Not a problem for them.

How did the client network develop?

Initially Daniel found his clients through cold calls, who became long-term partners. Now the network is growing through referrals. He reached out to companies, who were arranging air deliveries, but didn’t have  solutions for road transport yet. Due to the growing number of new customers Daniel had to involve more partners as well, and started to collaborate with more and more subcontractors. SME doesn’t own the transporting vehicles and the drivers are not working directly for the company but everything operates based on orders and contracts.

What is the vision for the future?

Daniel has a lot of ambition and a very detailed strategic plan for the future of the company. He constantly monitors the market changes and adapts to them quickly. One of his plans is to increase the company’s presence on the market and in the media. This will prepare the next bigger steps for growth and international presence. SME has a website that launched in 2020. On the website you can find all the necessary and relevant information about the company and ordering. Exciting news is that SME is soon to open a brand new office in Budapest that will welcome new members of the team as well. 


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