The bigger the better? – Oversized Transport

Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you want to send a box of chocolate or have your whole office packed in a truck, there will be a company and service suitable for your needs of transport. The world of international freight has evolved significantly, offering businesses and individuals seamless transportation solutions for goods of various sizes. According … Olvass tovább

Fly me to the Moon – The Ultimate Guide to Air Freight 

Air cargo is an essential part of global trade, allowing businesses to quickly and safely transport goods across the world. As a result, understanding the basics of air freight, including the different types of services, safety procedures, and general tips, is essential for any business looking to optimize their international shipping. This article will provide … Olvass tovább

Relationship with your clients

In our previous article you could already get some insight on why it is crucial to invest in the relationship with your clients, and what that actually means in practice. In this second part we are going to walk you through other potential aspects that can boost your business.  Communication channels and platforms In the 21st … Olvass tovább

Customer retention is the new customer acquisition

One uncomplicated principle of many businesses is that it is easier to keep a customer than to gain a new one.  Focusing on building a stable and loyal customer base pays off very well in the long run. The concept of customer relationship management refers to a company’s processes towards its own partners and clients. … Olvass tovább

What does the future of maritime transport look like?

Nobody questions that maritime freight transport is an indispensable part of the international freight transport chain, as it is a crucial element of world trade. But is it still true that it is growing dynamically in 2023? Transport by water is efficient for carrying all types of goods. It is flexible in terms of pricing, … Olvass tovább

Who will bring the presents under the Christmas tree this year?

In times of the constant increase of online shopping, demands get higher, but who will deliver so we all have our presents under the Christmas tree this year? Many experts are of the opinion that the existing infrastructure is no longer able to support the old model of e-commerce, and a fundamental reorganization of supply … Olvass tovább

Transport by road

Global trade and transporting goods is one of the main driving forces of the economy. It has become an almost imperceptible part of our everyday lives. You might not even be aware, but global transportation affects your life profoundly. Just take a closer look at your own plate, and identify at least 1 or 2 … Olvass tovább

Logistics behind logistics – How does SME work?


Get to know how SME works behind the scenes. Knowing that global supply chains come with increased complexities sometimes it can be difficult to know whom to trust on the market. Here we present you a few straightforward steps on how SME is going to handle your order.  What is SME? SME is a forwarder … Olvass tovább